Saturday, December 11, 2010

First run.

This is the prologue to something that I've been daydreaming about for a while now.  I call it Bear Paw because when I first wrote it the galaxy that was destroyed was the Bear Paw galaxy, but in a revision I removed the name from the prologue and didn't put it back in.  I may put it in latter in the story, I just haven't gotten there.

A long time ago two lords sat across from each other, Their meeting was to discuss their differences that brought them to the cusp of war. As they sat across the table, reeling from a sudden and dramatic insult to the one's mother, a defining silenced hung in the room. As the two stared each other down, one let loose an insult so bad, so vile, there were no words left to say. There was war.

The war ripped across the galaxy for the next millennium. All the space faring races in the galaxy were eventually pulled in. Alliances were forged and broken, peace treaties were signed with the blood of the weak. Entire species were destroyed only to be replaced by the unfortunate who discovered space flight. Even the original two races who began the war were lost in the fighting and eventually lost in history.

After one thousand years technology of war was the only thing to advance. As one defense was created another weapon was created to punch threw and then another defense was created. Larger and larger weapons were created and defeated.

One scientist had another idea; create smaller weapons to be able to go around new defenses. Nanotechnology on its own was too easily turned against it's creators, but one of his own race, properly armored, could make it past the defenses. The scientist was able to create a body suite able to defend its wearer long enough to sneak the newest weapon into the center of the galaxy.

Far outside the galaxy, the scientist watched as his final plan played out. He knew his warrior was near his destination, it was only a matter of time.

Suddenly there was a bright flash and then what can be only described as the exact opposite. The complete absence of light spread outwards faster then the speed of light. In the matter of about fifteen seconds the galaxy was gone. A wicked smile spread across the scientist's face.

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