Monday, January 31, 2011

Google App Inventor and my first real program

First, a little background.  In Jr. High I was able to program in HTML.  Nothing too fancy, but in 1998 it was good enough to create a website that had a few thousand hits a month (on Geocities at that).  In High School I had a class in C++ and Flash.  In college I had classes in VB and Java.  Outside of HTML, I sucked at each and every one of them.  I learned enough to pass the classes, but I never was able to grasp the languages.

A few weeks ago I heading to bed when I remembered I had to remind my roommate of something.  He happened to be driving home at the time so I didn't want to send the message right away.  Plus, he needed the message while he was at work, two hours away.  I checked online to see if there was an app that could send a predefined message after a set time, but it doesn't exist as far as I could find.  So I had two choices: Send a message that may distract him and cause him to wreck, or stay up until 1:00am just to send a message.  I chose option three, I didn't send the message and he didn't remember.

This wasn't the first time I found a need for a message delaying program, so when I discovered that Google was providing a way to program for the Android that supposedly anyone could use, I jumped on it.  That was Friday, It's now Monday and I've finished my program.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

December 24, 2066

Day 8,

Turns out it's really hard to build a house, but I got my foundation finished.  I took advantage of the bedrock and built the rest of my basement on top of it. 

I was thinking about just building the house on top of the sand, but I figured that would probably be a bad thing.  Put too much weight on it and it sinks or even one earthquake and I'm burred in my sleep.

All this work the past few days gives me a lot of time to think.  I miss the city.  When I was there I despised it, so much noise, so much traffic, and so many people who just don't care.  Now that I only have my insanity to keep my company, I find I miss all the hustle and bustle.  The buildings so large that the tops couldn't be seen in the morning fog.

It's Christmas eve today.  The city would be decorated with lights and trees.  Families getting ready for the get togethers tomorrow, prepping turkey with stuffing, getting the cranberry sauce ready.  How I miss turkey.  At least I've managed to make a trap for pigs.  I'll at least have ham tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2011

December 20, 2066

Day 4.

I spend the days searching the area, but I don't want to go far.  I know I should stay put to increase my chances of being found.  I haven't seen any signs of civilization in my searches.  I spend my nights hiding in my cave.  I stayed out too late and saw what was making the noises at night.  It was a skeleton, a walking skeleton.  They only come out at night and by day they're gone.

I was so scared that I spent the entire second day hiding in the cave, But I had to leave.  I needed food.  I did notice something interesting about them, they are injured by the cacti.  Realizing I had a chance, I transplanted quite a few around the cave.  This should give me some protection from the horrors at night.

While I was out on the third day, I knew I had to get wood.  I didn't see any lying around, only the trees.  So I only had one choice.  I grabbed a small rock and started hammering away at one of the trees.  As I hammered my way threw I figured it would fall down.  It didn't.  I got the entire way threw and it stayed standing.  Well, not standing, more floating.

I kept hammering away and gathered up quite a bit of wood.  I put some effort into making a proper work bench.  I'm quite proud of it.  I made a little hammer out of a small rock and a stick I broke off.  I used the workbench and some more of the wood to create an ax I can use to cut more wood.  It doesn't work well, but it works well enough to do what I need.

I took the extra wood and finally created fire.  It takes forever to get an ember from rubbing two sticks together.

It's small and I don't need the heat, but it cooks the pork.

I then piled a lot of wood together and created a bonfire witch I lit at night right before running back into the cave.  I haven't seen any plains, but if they do fly by, I want them to see me.

I've decided to make a house.  I'm running out of space with all the work I'm doing in the cave and a house is a vary distinct land mark.  If someone sees it they will know someone built it, unlike my cave that could be natural.  It'll take some work, I've never done anything like this before.  I also have to worry about only working during the day.  I've found a flat chunk of land near where I have the bonfire, I'll build there.

I managed to get some decent sized rocks.  I created a pickax and started digging into my hill.  I got enough stone to create a decent foundation.  That part shouldn't be hard, so I'll start there.

December 16, 2066

Day one.

I think that's the date, at least it was the 15th before I ended up here.

I had just fallen asleep when I was woken by the sound of a helicopter.  The AMED helicopter pilots were trained in the war so they were accustom to flying low and fast.  Those of us who live within twenty miles of the hospital learned to ignore the windows shaking.

Normally I'm even able to sleep threw it, but today was different.  The windows started shaking so hard I thought they would break.  I looked out the window and saw something.  It wasn't a helicopter; it was round and seemed to be floating.  Whatever was holding it up must have been one hell of a force.  The windows were shaking even harder and finally shattered sending shards everywhere.  I could see the windows in the apartment buildings across the street shattering as well.

Then a bright light came from the saucer, and I started to float.  The last thing I remember is floating into the light and thinking "I'm glad I don't sleep naked."  I don't know why I thought that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holy crap, it's chapter 1.


Chapter 1, the awakening

Blackness.  That is all that was and all that is, a deep infinite blackness.  But, behind the blackness, from everywhere and nowhere, came a noise.  The blackness ignored the noise, content to not exist.  But the noise grew louder.  The blackness forcefully ignored the noise, it didn't want to be.  The noise grew more distinct, words could be made out from the jumble.  Words of concern and worry.

"What did they do to you?" came a female voice.

With that, the blackness paid attention.  "I am" and the young man opened his eyes to blinding light.

As the white blindness cleared he saw a woman's face over him.  Her short blond hair caught the light, and her blue eyes were as deep as the ocean.  It was like a dream.

All too soon the rest of the young man's vision cleared and he found himself in a jail cell.

"Where the hell..." he said as he sat up right into the bunk above him. 

The young woman gently pushed him back down.  "Take it easy, you're still not recovered from the surgery."

"Surgery, what surgery?"

"Don't worry about it yet, just relax.  What's your name?"  She asked before he could push further.

Thinking for a few seconds, the young man realized he didn't know.  He didn't remember anything.  "I... I don't know."

"You don't know?  Do you remember anything?"

He thought for a little while longer.  "No, nothing before waking up here."

"What did they do to you?  It must have been bad to cause full amnesia.  I'm sure your memory will return in time.  My name's Sarah.  Nice to meet you."

"Uh, nice to meet you too.  Now, what the hell is going on here?"  He asked, noticeably frustrated.

"Well, you’re probably not going to believe this, but you've been..."  She was interrupted by a loud noise down the hall.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Paranoid Delusions

Avery drove past the same cars he drove past every day on the way home from work.  A blue Cooper at the corner, a red one right behind it, a sickly orange pickup truck, partially rusted out.  The same thing he saw every single day, except one.  Just around the corner, but still in sight of his apartment, was a white van.  He only took notice due to it being completely clean.  In the middle of winter it’s hard to keep anything that free of salt buildup.

He turned at the end of the block, around the meridian separating the two lanes, and parked.  By the time the engine was turned off, he had completely forgotten about the van.

Inside the apartment he did his standard routine.  He removed all items from his pocket, feed the cat, and rolled his eyes at his roommate for still being asleep.  He then sat down and tried to forget the day.

His roommate has always been known as a hippy, bouncing from job to job, having no direction or path.  Today, much to Avery’s surprise was different.  He wasn’t asleep, but in his room building a resume.  When he walked out Avery was visibly shocked to see him in normal cloths.

“What happened to you, Dave?”  He asked.  “You lose a bet?”

“Nah, this morning I woke up and felt different.  I feel bad about mooching off of you these past years.  I figured it was time to start pulling my weight around here.”

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Family Reunion

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was out, hardly a cloud in the sky and the ones there were the small, puffy ones.  The birds were chirping and the grass was completely submerged in water.

He stepped out of the grass shocked and crouched down looking closer.  Something didn’t look right.  The grass was under water, but the water was clear.  All the videos he had ever seen of flooding showed the water as brown, full of debris.  This was as if someone had laid down liquid glass.  Glass that was slowly rising.  He noticed it starting to flow slowly onto the raised sidewalk.

He turned and hurried back inside to let the others know.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is a true story, or at least as true as I can remember it.  This happened about 5 years ago so the details may be a little off.