Friday, January 21, 2011

December 20, 2066

Day 4.

I spend the days searching the area, but I don't want to go far.  I know I should stay put to increase my chances of being found.  I haven't seen any signs of civilization in my searches.  I spend my nights hiding in my cave.  I stayed out too late and saw what was making the noises at night.  It was a skeleton, a walking skeleton.  They only come out at night and by day they're gone.

I was so scared that I spent the entire second day hiding in the cave, But I had to leave.  I needed food.  I did notice something interesting about them, they are injured by the cacti.  Realizing I had a chance, I transplanted quite a few around the cave.  This should give me some protection from the horrors at night.

While I was out on the third day, I knew I had to get wood.  I didn't see any lying around, only the trees.  So I only had one choice.  I grabbed a small rock and started hammering away at one of the trees.  As I hammered my way threw I figured it would fall down.  It didn't.  I got the entire way threw and it stayed standing.  Well, not standing, more floating.

I kept hammering away and gathered up quite a bit of wood.  I put some effort into making a proper work bench.  I'm quite proud of it.  I made a little hammer out of a small rock and a stick I broke off.  I used the workbench and some more of the wood to create an ax I can use to cut more wood.  It doesn't work well, but it works well enough to do what I need.

I took the extra wood and finally created fire.  It takes forever to get an ember from rubbing two sticks together.

It's small and I don't need the heat, but it cooks the pork.

I then piled a lot of wood together and created a bonfire witch I lit at night right before running back into the cave.  I haven't seen any plains, but if they do fly by, I want them to see me.

I've decided to make a house.  I'm running out of space with all the work I'm doing in the cave and a house is a vary distinct land mark.  If someone sees it they will know someone built it, unlike my cave that could be natural.  It'll take some work, I've never done anything like this before.  I also have to worry about only working during the day.  I've found a flat chunk of land near where I have the bonfire, I'll build there.

I managed to get some decent sized rocks.  I created a pickax and started digging into my hill.  I got enough stone to create a decent foundation.  That part shouldn't be hard, so I'll start there.

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