Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I remember my first PC.  Not the PCs that I had been playing on for years that were my dad’s, but the first PC I could call mine.  It had a 66MHz processor, I can’t even remember if it was a Pentium or something else.  It had a whopping 8M of SDR RAM.  That means that it had to have even numbers of sticks unlike current computers that use DDR and can have odd numbers.  It had a 4M stick and another card that had 4 1M sticks plugged into it.  Oddest looking thing I’ve seen in a computer.  I had a 150M drive ruining DOS and Windows 3.1.  I think Windows came later, I think it was just dos at first.  I eventually added a 500M drive.  The CD drive, back before we started measuring their speeds, was attached to the sound card, not the IDE cable. The PC also had 5.25” and a 3.5” floppy drives.  I even used the 5.25”.  That’s how I learned that the flip at the end of a ribbon floppy cable was how the computer determined what drive was “A:” and what was “B:”

Eventually it was upgraded.  I got a brand new Pentium 1 166MHz processor with 16M RAM.  I remember thinking “I will never get use to this speed”.  I had a similar thought not long after when I got my first 1G drive; “What am I going to use 1G of storage for?”

I now have a phone that has a 1GHz processor with 512M RAM.  It is more then ten times more powerful then my first PC and it fits in my pocket instead of being three feet tall.  My laptop has a Core i7, that’s 4 cores running 8 total threads, with 3G of RAM and a 350G hard drive.  My file server at home presently has 7T total storage.  All that happened in 15 years, maybe.  I no longer say things like “I will never get use to this speed” or “What am I going to use 1G of storage for?”

I wonder if all computer geeks remember their first.

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