Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I wish I lived in the UK right now.

I was reading one of my new favorite haunts, Nerd³.  One of his articles was about a vote in the UK on a new voting style called AV (Alternate Vote), a system where you rate your choices for a political office.  Basically you say your first choice then your second choice and your third, or however many you want.  When the votes are counted and someone doesn't get over 50%, the lowest voted person is removed and those who chose him/her first are recounted with their second choice.  This is done until someone gets over 50% of the votes.

I'll give an example that's relevant in the US (since I'm in the US).  If this was enacted in the US, it would solve our two party system problem.  As it is right now, if you vote for a third party you're practically throwing your vote away since far too many people think they can only vote for Democrat or Republican.  So instead of voting for your primary choice, you go with your second or third choice since they are one of the two parties.  A lot of people voted for Obama instead of Ron Paul for example.  But, if we could chose a primary and secondary candidate, then we could have picked Ron Paul and still chosen Obama second and still had a say ether way.  If your primary vote didn't get enough, you would still have a say in who's in power.

This would also convince other people to vote.  If someone wants a third party, but they think there's no possible way to get that third party, they may chose not to vote (douche and a turd sandwich style).  With the AV system there's a better chance voices will be heard so the non-voter will be more willing to vote.

Hypothetical situation with small numbers (since I can't think in thousands and millions):

There are 20 people who vote.  Out of those 20, 15 want the same third party.  The myth is that a third party is a lost vote so 10 of them chose ether of the two parties since they still want a say, the remaining 5 don't vote at all.  In this situation someone gets elected when only a max of five people wanted them.  With the other system the 10 people prioritize the third party and put a second choice in with one of the two, the 5 who didn't vote do since they know there's now a chance.  Now we have 15 people who's primary choice is a third party and 5 who chose between the other two.  The majority's true wishes show threw.

If this was enacted in the US, it could shake things up and put the power back in the peoples hands.  So if you're over in the UK, vote for this, show us Americans how it's done.  If you're in America, or anywhere else, spread the word, share the knowledge.

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