Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Minecraft Server

I got my anti-griefing tools working like they should.  That means my Minecraft server is active and public.  If you want to, you can connect to chronno.me.  I'm known as Chronno (duh), I'm also the admin (again duh).  The server's webpage will be www.chronno.me once I figure out how to make it without it looking like something from Geocities.  Until then, the map is active and so are user stats.

I'm thinking about making this my logo since no one else makes pyramids like this.

List of current active addons:
Big Brother
Cow Paths
Heroic Death
Hero Lock
MC Ranks
MC Stats
World Border

There are a few others, but they're admin only.

  - '[1] Be respectful'
  - '[2] Be ethical'
  - '[3] Use common sense'
  - '[4] Don't kill unless you know the person'
  - '[5] Don't steal'
  - '[6] Don't destroy what's not yours'
  - '[7] Don't Panic'

If I can ever get the nether working, the rules there will be as follows;
  - '[1] Expect no sympathy'
  - '[2] Other then rule #1, there are no rules'

Current commands for everyone (as best I know them):
/help - shows help list
/helpop - Requests help from online admins/operators
/list - lists my users
/rules - lists my rules
/spawn - warp to the spawn point
/suicide - I believe in the rights of every digital being to be able to kill themselves
/home - warps to a previously set home location
/sethome - sets a home location
/gokart or /gk - makes the kart you're in go
/stopkart or /sk - makes the kart you're in stop

Current commands for the Builders group:
All of the above plus:
/afk - set's yourself to away from keyboard mode
/back - sends you back to the previous point.  I believe this works with death as well.
/warp - lists warp points
/warp <warp name> - warps you to said warp point

OK, it's a pain in the butt to list all the commands.  Go here for a list of the default commands.

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