Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mass Effect 2 Review: Hell no!

I was holding off playing Mass Effect 2 until I beat the first one.  Well I just did tonight.  Amazing game; so amazing that I couldn't wait until tomorrow to start 2.

So it starts out with the Normandy heading to the supposed last hold out of the Geth when they come under attack by an unknown ship.  The Normandy promptly gets it's ass handed to it, the crew gets separated and Shepard dies.  It's an amazing scene where she saved Joker and got thrown from the exploding ship and fell into the gravity well of a planet.

An unknown time latter we find our hero "saved" by the Lazarus project; rebuilt from scraps they found.  Shepard wakes with the facility under attack.  We find out that the local security bots were hacked to attack those they were meant to protect.

We're introduced to the first two team mates as we battel our way threw the onslaught.  I had just managed to clear out several of the bots and just finished opening a lockbox when I get a message on my screen; "Disconnected from Xbox Live".  Nothing new to me, I have on hell of a router for work and it's always disconnecting from XBL.  What was new to me was the box that came up just above it saying "Profile name change, restart" with only one possible option.  Hoping I wasn't seeing what I thought I was seeing, I quickly signed back in.  That didn't work, I had only one option.  It restarted my game.

Forty five god damn minutes of gameplay lost just becouse EA is so damn afraid of piracy.  On the Xbox of all things.  It's not even stated in the manual that this does that.  And the kicker?  The auto save feature is off by default.  I looked it up just to make sure.  Yep, other people have the same problem and you can't ever play it offline.  If you have a crappy internet connection, if you don't have internet.  Sucks to be you.

So, to make a long story short:

Don't buy Mass Effect 2
Don't buy Mass Effect 3
Don't buy anything EA ever again.  This is a known bullshit tactic that EA is taking, and they just took the next step by putting it on a console.
Don't buy Bioware ether, they were assholes to accept EA's bullshit.

Mass Effect 2 is probably the first game in history that I will be selling.  Sorry to whomever buys it, you will have to pay to get the online service (no, disabling that service will not save you from the disconnect problem).


My roommate spent a few hours looking up the problem on the web (He's much more willing to forgive crap moves like this).  Supposedly it's a glitch.  I don't believe it.  That's a hell of a glitch to not be fixing for a year and a half and why is it there to begin with?  What purpose does that code have if not an attempt to kick people out who don't want to use EA's servers?

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