Monday, October 31, 2011

So you've decided to call tech support

I've been working in tech support for years.  I've dealt with a lot of crap, and I admit have dealt a lot of crap.  So, in an attempt to help both sides of the equation, I have written up ten simple rules to help when calling tech support.

Rules for dealing with Tech Support

1) Be polite. 
  • Your problem isn’t their fault, but they are there to help.

2) Be specific. 
  • Detail your problem completely so the tech fully understands the problem.

3) Call the correct people. 
  • Your ISP is there to fix your connection to the Internet, not your game of Space Cadet.

4) Don’t try to be a hero. 
  • Don’t say what you think the problem is, give the symptoms.

5) If you know what your talking about, prove it. 
  • Correct use of tech knowledge will help solve the problem.

6) If you don’t know what your talking about, don’t. 
  • Incorrect use of tech knowledge can slow down support and possibly make the problem worse.

7) Don’t bate and switch. 
  • Don’t call in claiming one, easy problem in the hopes of getting a faster answer only to say you have another, bigger problem.  You end up with the wrong expert.

8) Patients is a virtue. 
  • Some times it can take a while to resolve the issue.  Calling back every five minutes will just make it take longer.

9)  You are not the center of the universe. 
  • An entire office down is more important then you surfing Facebook.

10)  When ALL else fails, get upset. 
  • Getting angry at the tech support is an absolute last resort, but some times it is necessary.
Maybe I'll write up a set of rules for being tech support.  That side needs help as well.

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