Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the Long Dream: Chapter 3

 The Illusion of Control

I walked back to the cave with an extra bounce in my step.  The hunt was a success and my spoils of victory were several chunks of pork.  If I had tried to do this yesterday, I would have come back empty handed.  Defeating demons changes you.

In front of the cave was a sheep eating the burnt grass.  As I approached, it looked at me and bleated happily.

“Frank, is that you?  I figured you wouldn’t come back.”

The sheep bleated again and went back to eating grass.  I felt bad about scaring him off the way I did.  My fear had transformed a friend in my eyes to the embodiment of what I hated.  But now that there was no fear, he was a friend again.  He didn’t seem to be too upset about it though.

I walked into the cave and put the hunks of pork down on the wooden bench.  Now was the time to work on the problem that was bothering me the entire way back to the cave.  How was I going to store this?  I can’t just let raw pork sit out in the open, it’ll rot, or attract things I don’t want.

I could cook them, but that wouldn’t work for long.  I didn’t have any salt, so I couldn’t pack them.  I looked around the cave hoping for inspiration and my eyes came to rest on the holes still in the cave wall.  The cracks kinda looked like a stove.  That was it, I could smoke the meat.  I could make a stove out of what was left of the wall, there were few trees, but I could get enough wood.  I even have a vague idea how to do it.

I hammered out the wall and put together an improvised stove.  I grabbed a bunch of wood and soaked it in the river.  Before long I was watching the stove do it’s thing.

Not ten minutes latter I was outside the cave coughing my lungs out.  That’s something I hadn’t noticed with the small torches, there’s no ventilation in the cave. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In The Long Dream: Chapter 2

The Dreamer or the Dream

I woke to to a warm feeling under my head.  Some time in the night the sheep had curled up closer to me and I was using it as a pillow.  I wondered why this sheep was so relaxed around me.  It didn’t know me, it had no reason to trust me.  Hell, yesterday I was thinking about eating it.

Putting the thought aside, I sat up and stretched.  Several pops echoed in the small space.  I may be well rested for the first time in days, but sleeping on the hard floor is still bad for your back.

There was a lot of light in my little cave, but only darkness could be seen threw the window in the door.  Looking around for the source of the light, I saw that my torch, the one I had put up the day before, was still lit.  I stared at it for several minutes trying to wrap my head around how something so small could burn for so long.

There’s something definitely wrong about this place.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 is Microsoft's somewhat anticipated, somewhat dreaded sequel to Windows 7.  There have been mixed reviews to the changes to match a more tablet friendly market, mostly the new Metro style start menu.  The Consumer Preview can be downloaded here for the USB install or here for the ISO.  From the looks of the URLs, it seems that Microsoft may be going away from the DVD format for the installer, favoring USB thumb drives.  Good, I don't think I've had a burnable DVD in this house for two years.

A little background:  I have been working with Windows since 3.1.  I have experience with personal installs up to large business networks.  I even have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory domain running at home.  I have been playing with the beta versions since I found out I could when my dad gave me Windows XP beta.  With all that, I guess I could be qualified as an expert.