Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Opposite of Love is not Hate.

Many people believe that the opposite of love is hate, and it makes sense.  Love is basically wanting to be with someone forever, hoping they have a long and happy life (OK, it's a hell of a lot more complex then that, but I'm trying to keep it simple).  What could possibly be more opposite to that then wanting to see someone burn in a fire?  While it seems logical that hate is on the opposite side of the emotional scale then love, the logic wasn't taken far enough.

The exact opposite of love is indifference; not an emotion, but the lack of one.  Think about it, if you love someone and then they screw you over to the point you hate them, you're still thinking about them.  You're still taking up some of your time with them.  To be indifferent, you have to completely let them go, to just not have them in your life.  What could possibly be more opposite to love then that?

In situations where there is no chance for the love to come back, skipping hate and going to indifference has some noticeable advantages.  For example, you're moving on with your life, you have a chance for something better.  You're taking the moral high ground.  If they're incapable of going to indifference, you get the added bonus of pissing them off that much more.

This isn't just for your love life, it can be used for much more.  For example (and the point of this post) if you don't like a company's actions (say they tried to force the government to pass SOPA), don't download their stuff, just don't deal with them.  Yes, I am advocating the complete destruction of digital piracy.  Don't download, don't buy, don't even talk about their stuff.  If it comes up in conversation, let people know exactly why you don't deal with them and then move on to the next topic.  (You can, and should oppose bills like SOPA, ACTA, TPP, and the like.  You're not indifferent to your representatives.)

We can get all three of the benefits of indifference in this situation.  Our time is no longer taken up by that thing, you now have the opportunity to find better things.  You get the moral high ground, you're not a "filthy, rotten, dirty, pirate freeloader" (and in this situation they're the assholes trying to remove your rights).  You also get to piss them off to no end.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing worse for a company then obscurity.

There's a reason why boycotts work.

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