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Have you ever read something about a company that made you never want to do business with them again, and then two weeks latter you can't remember why you're boycotting them?  This happens to me all the time.  I have a problem with Bethesda, but for the life of me I can't remember why.  So, I decided to start writing up a list of all the companies I have a problem with and why.  Then I figured I'd post it online so that other people can see since a boycott of one doesn't work vary well.

This list will be updated as often as I can and I'm willing to take suggestions.

This should make it a little easier to avoid a few of these things.  There are Chrome and Android apps out there to help avoid companies that support SOPA.

  • GameStop - They have been caught taking codes for free trials of competing online gaming services and repackaging the games as new.  I have had other problems with them in the past, and I hear many other people have as well.

Groups who's members need to be boycotted since we can't boycott the groups directly.
  • The RIAA - Misdirected lawsuits, actions like what happened to, and the constant push for bills like SOPA.  Members
  • The MPAA - Copy and past the first and third of the RIAA.  Members

      Companies that are just shy of the list (I boycott them, but I just can't bring myself to put them on an official list just yet)
      • Harper Collins - They want to charge a fee for libraries to lend E-Books.
      • GoDaddy - They officially supported SOPA, but a successful boycott made them change their stance.
      • Ubisoft - they have implemented always on DRM.
      • Blizzard - They implemented always on DRM in the guise of protecting their real money auction.
      • The ESA - Officially supports SOPA.  Members  It's been brought to my attention that E3 is also run by the ESA.  Update: They dropped support for SOPA.

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